Four Church Leaders shocked by attack on whole community

10 Mar 2009

10 March 2009

Four Church Leaders shocked by attack on whole community

The leaders of Ireland’s four  main churches have issued the following statement following the murders on Saturday night.

The brutal murder of two soldiers and injuring of others including civilians at Massereene is a shocking development which is an attack on our whole community.

It takes us back to events which we thought we had left in the past and is a dangerous attempt to destabilise the peace process which must not be allowed to succeed. 

The prayers of all our churches are with the bereaved families and those who have been injured.

We are encouraged by the way the whole community has come together to condemn these murders and to affirm our belief in a reconciled future.

We ask everyone to give full support to the police and to work together with our politicians for a stable and peaceful society with respect for all.

Roman Catholic ­ His Eminence Cardinal Seán Brady
Church of Ireland ­Archbishop Alan Harper
Methodist President ­ Rev Aian Ferguson
Presbyterian Moderator ­ Right Rev Dr Donald Patton  

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