Bishop Michael Smith congratulates Archbishop Seán Brady on the news that he is to be created a Cardinal

19 Oct 2007


19th October 2007

Bishop Smith congratulates Cardinal-Elect Brady on new appointment

“I am delighted to have this opportunity to welcome in the warmest terms the Pope Benedict elevation of Cardinal-Elect Brady to the College of Cardinals. This is a singular tribute to himself and the Irish Church, honouring the Archbishop of Armagh at this time of particular importance given the progress that has been made in bringing peace to the island.

We pray that the Cardinal will find the strength to continue to work as he has done to make sure that it is an enduring and lasting peace.

Being contempories, we have soldiered together especially during our student and post graduate days in Rome. We have also worked together on several occasions, including the visit of Pope John Paul in 1979. Since his appointment to Armagh, he has given strong and effective leadership to the Church in Ireland. Like all who so warmly welcome his elevation, we offer him our prayerful support.

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