Statement issued on behalf of St Conleth’s Parish, Newbridge, Co Kildare

26 Oct 2006


26 OCTOBER 2006



The Catholic Parish of Newbridge, Co Kildare has six established primary
schools. It had been hoped to start a new Catholic primary school last
September, to cater for the growing population of the town. However, due
to planning conditions imposed by Kildare County Council, it was not possible
to start this school. As a result of this delay somewhere between 30 and 40
children were not able to start their education in a Catholic School of their
choice this year.

The present six Catholic Primary Schools have a total of 2,348 pupils, divided
into 82 individual classes. Recently the Minister for Education and Science
stated that no child should be in a class bigger than 28. In keeping with this
statement and in complying with the 28:1 pupil/teacher ratio, our Catholic
Primary schools are now full.

Applications to our Common Enrolment Committee are arriving at the rate of 20/25
per month, from people seeking places in our Catholic Primary Schools in the
parish. Up to now we have managed to accept this intake. This month we had to
take the regrettable decision to refuse, because our Catholic Primary schools
are full.

As a result of the planning conditions imposed by Kildare County Council the
parish had to reapply to the Department of Education for permission to establish
a new school. If the supportive cooperation of all relevant agencies is forthcoming,
we hope to start this new school in September 2007.

The hoped for new school next September will only accommodate Junior Infants
(children beginning school). It will not respond to the needs of ‘ready-made’
families moving to Newbridge seeking places for school-going children.

Families who intend to move to Newbridge and who wish to enrol their children
in a Catholic Primary school in the parish, should be informed that they are
unlikely to succeed in procuring a place in Newbridge at this time.


26th October 2006

Further information:

Martin Long Director of Communications (086 172 7678)
Brenda Drumm Communications Officer (087 233 7797)