Ordinations of eight Maynooth students in 2005

18 May 2005


18 MAY 2005


A total of eight students from St Patrick’s College, Maynooth are being
ordained to the priesthood in 2005. The ordinations will take place in
dioceses beginning 5th June 2005.

Commenting on this year’s ordinations Monsignor Dermot Farrell, President
of St Patrick’s College Maynooth, said: “The ordination to the priesthood
of eight students from Maynooth College is a source of joy for the staff
and students of the College.

“Our Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI, speaking about the priest in an address
in 1990 said: ‘The priest should be a person who knows Jesus intimately,
has met Him and learned to love Him. The priest should therefore be a man
of prayer, a truly “spiritual” man. Without strong spiritual substance he
cannot last in his ministry. From the mystery of Christ he should also
learn in his life not to seek himself nor his own promotion. He should
learn to spend his life for Christ and for his flock.’”  
Writing one year later he said: “He who acts on Christ’s behalf knows that
it is always the case that one sows and another reaps.  He does not need to
bother incessantly about himself; he leaves the outcome to the Lord and
does his own part without anxiety, free and cheerful because he is hidden
within the whole.  If priests today so often feel overworked, tired and
frustrated, the blame lies with a strained pursuit of results.  Faith
becomes a burdensome piece of baggage that the priest just barely manages
to keep dragging along, whereas it should be a wing that bears us aloft.  
(Called to Communion, p. 129)

Mgr Farrell went on to say: “We offer prayers and thanksgiving for these
eight men, formed with the needs of the twenty-first century Church in mind,
as they embark on this exciting and challenging stage of their faith journey
with Christ.”

Fr Kevin Doran, National Director for Vocations for the Irish Bishops’ Conference,
said: “I join Mgr Farrell in congratulating these men who will soon be ordained.
Their ordinations will be a sign of hope to those of us who are already
ministering as priests and should also be a source of encouragement to others
who may be considering the possibility of following Christ in the priesthood.”

Fr Doran noted that: “For the first time in 20 years there was a significant
rise in the number of new seminarians in 2004 and already there have been signs
that the last days of Pope John Paul II had a profound effect on young people
which may inspire them to reflect more deeply on the implications of their
Christian vocation.”

The following is a diocesan breakdown of this year’s ordinations:
Armagh, Cork & Ross, Derry (2), Kildare & Leighlin, Limerick, Meath and Mostar.

Full details of this year’s ordination class follows below.

18th May 2005

Further information:
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* St Patrick’s College Maynooth is the National Seminary for Ireland and
has been forming men for the priesthood since 1975.
* The seminary currently has 60 men studying for the priesthood.
* 8 men were ordained to the priesthood in 2004 and 9 in 2003.
* Further information on vocations can be found at: www.vocations.ie and on
St Patrick’s College Maynooth at www.maynoothcollege.ie
* Details of 2005 ordination class:
Armagh – Rory Coyle
Cork & Ross – Anthony O’Mahony
Derry – Kevin Duddy                
Derry – Peter O’Kane
Kildare & Leighlin – Patrick Hughes
Limerick – Christopher O’Donnell
Meath – Patrick Donnelly
Mostar – Mile Vidic