Statement issued by Bishop John Fleming, President, CURA

11 May 2005


11 MAY 2005



The Bishop of Killala stated today that CURA would not be involved in
any activity or practice which would make abortion a more likely option
in a crisis pregnancy situation. He said that CURA supports the right
of every child to be born and to receive his or her human rights and
reiterated that its ethos is well-known. CURA cannot, does not and
will not provide telephone numbers for abortion clinics.

CURA is a crisis pregnancy counselling agency which seeks to support
with compassion those who find themselves faced with a crisis pregnancy.
By providing a safe, professional place in which they can reflect on
all the aspects of their situation, CURA seeks to ensure the welfare
of its clients.

Bishop Fleming stated that the matters that have arisen in the current
debate have been and continue to be discussed by the National Executive
Council of CURA precisely in the context of discerning what course of
action is most likely to help a woman with a crisis pregnancy to come
to a decision not to have an abortion. These issues were also discussed
at the March General Meeting of the Irish Episcopal Conference and
they will be further discussed at the upcoming June meeting of the

Maintaining its ethos, caring for those faced with a crisis pregnancy,
and supporting our volunteers who counsel them remains the priority
for CURA.

11th May 2005

Further information:
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