Statement of Dr John Magee, Bishop of Cloyne ‘A Universal Pastor’

21 Apr 2005


21 APRIL 2005




Following on the nine days of mourning for the passing of the Great Pope
John Paul II, the Church once more has a Pope in the Person of Pope Benedict
XVI. The period of mourning has now turned into one of great joy in this
Paschal Season.

I am most pleased with the outcome of the Conclave. The Holy Spirit has
seen fit to give to the Church a Universal Pastor, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger,
who is charged with caring for the Flock of the Lord, pushing out the
frontiers of the New Evangelisation and reaching out to the other Churches
and Religions in an endeavour to build up that civilization of love and
unity which is at the heart of the message of Jesus Christ “that they
all may be one”.

Pope Benedict XVI is endowed with a most keen intellect, with a profound
understanding of the Church and the challenges facing it in this 21st
Century and a deep faith in the Lord Jesus. He is a truly spiritual man,
a man of God. Coupled with his natural talents of graciousness, gentleness
and kindness, Pope Benedict is most suited for the times we live in. I have
no doubt he will surprise the whole Church, and indeed the world, with the
richness of his personality, with his capacity to reach out beyond the
confines of every nation and continent and with his deep love for all
humanity, especially the young generations who are the hope of humanity,
healed and reconciled.

In his first words His Holiness has asked to be assisted by the prayers
of the Flock of Christ. May we all now invoke the Spirit of God on his
behalf and call down upon him the maternal protection of the Mother of
Jesus. As we pronounce his name in every Eucharist we celebrate, may the
Risen Lord strengthen and uphold him and make of him the Universal Pastor
of His Flock, a worthy successor to Pope John Paul II who gave his all
in living out his motto: “ Totus Tuus Ego Sum”.

Following on the inauguration of the Pontificate of Pope Benedict XVI
on Sunday, the 24th of April, I ask that in every Parish of the Diocese
of Cloyne the faithful be invited to gather around the Eucharistic table
of the Lord in the celebration of Holy Mass, in thanksgiving for the
election of the new Vicar of Christ. It is my wish that we all be united
in the Diocese in our celebration and may it be truly a celebration of
faith and joy in the Lord. I stipulate that Thursday evening, April 28th,
be the occasion when we come together in the Diocese and in every Parish,
at a convenient time, so as to thank God and to offer to the Holy Father,
Pope Benedict XVI, Vicar of Jesus Christ on earth, our fidelity and love.

+ John Magee
Bishop of Cloyne

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