Bishop of Meath Dr Michael Smith ordains Father Padraig Corcoran

19 Dec 2004

Bishop of Meath Dr Michael Smith ordains Father Padraig Corcoran

The Diocese of Meath welcomes its newest clerical recruit with the ordination today (Sunday 19 December, 2004) of the Reverend Padraig Corcoran.

The twenty-five year old is to be ordained by Bishop Michael Smith at the local Cathedral in Mullingar. Bishop Smith paid tribute to Father Padraig and to the number of young priests ordained for the Diocese of Meath over the past 10 years.

Bishop Smith said, “The faith and openness of these young people is a reflection of the positive experience the Church has had on their families, in their parishes and in their schools, both today and as they grew up. While also serving as a barometer of faith on the ground, such influences are undoubtedly important aspects for fostering vocations to the priesthood and religious life.”

Bishop Smith concluded, “The steady number of ordinations in the diocese in recent years is a sign that young people still have the generosity and courage to follow the Lord in this way.”

The new priest has already commenced his appointment as hospital chaplain in Mullingar, where he also works as Dean at Saint Finian’s College. The President of Saint Finian’s College, Dr Paul Connell, today congratulated him and said, “Father Padraig has a natural and easy rapport with students in his care, and it is clear that they hold him in the highest regard.” Ms Josephine Killian of the General Hospital, Mullingar, praised Father Padraig’s “kind, gentle and unassuming manner which has endeared him to the patients and won the confidence of the medical staff.”

* There are 26 dioceses in Ireland, north and south. In 2004, a total of 15 diocesan ordinations have taken place. This figure of 15 represents ordinations that have taken place during 2004 on the island of Ireland and in the Irish College in Rome.

* The Diocese of Meath consists of: 69 parishes; a Catholic population of 212,858; 149 Catholic Churches; and the Patron Saint for the Diocese is St Finian.

* Father Padraig Corcoran is a native of The Downs, Mullingar, is very well known in the town, not least as a life long supporter and goalkeeper with the local GAA football team. The club was crowned Westmeath Senior Champions in 2003.

* As a seminarian, Father Padraig played on the Sigerson team of NUI, Maynooth. Speaking on behalf of the local GAA football team in Mullingar, Mr Aidan Maguire described him as “very well got” among the players, with a lively sense of humour, though not to be trifled with on the pitch!

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