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Statement from the Education Commission of the Irish Episcopal Conference


20 APRIL 2004



Following an invitation from the Officials of the DES (Department of
Education and Science), the Education Commission of the Irish Episcopal
Conference has been in touch with the DES regarding the composition of
Boards of Management of Comprehensive Schools as proposed by the DES.
The Commission welcomed the proposal and has no objection to the change
in the structure of the BOM as proposed by the DES. The DES raised the
issue of Patronage and suggested consideration of co-patronage of
Comprehensive Schools to the Commission as a possible way forward.

The Commission is at a loss to understand the basis for the recent
reported statement at the TUI Congress that “The Catholic Hierarchy…..
have raised objections to a Department of Education proposal which aims
to ensure that there is parent and teacher representation on comprehensive
school management boards.” This is not the Commission’s position and
has never been. The Commission is seeking an urgent meeting with the
TUI Executive to clarify the Commission’s position.


Further information:
Brenda Drumm, Communications Officer: 087 233 7797

Notes to Editors:
The Education Commission of the Irish Episcopal Conference advises the
hierarchy on all matters to do with education and acts on behalf of the
Conference in the support of Catholic Education.

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