Catholic Bishops publish guidelines to develop policy for religious education in Post-Primary schools

10 Feb 2004


10 FEBRUARY 2004



Today sees the launch of a new document from the Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference:
Towards a Policy on Religious Education in Post-Primary Schools. This is a practical
document which assists the partners in education to develop a policy on the role and
teaching of Religious Education (RE) to Catholic students.

According to Ms Linda Quigley, Director of the National Catechetical Office for the
Irish Bishops Conference, “Today’s guidelines offer a suggested methodology for
developing a policy on religious education suited to the individual needs of pupils,
parents, teachers and schools. Developing and implementing this kind of policy will
lead to a greater degree of clarity in respect of the aims, procedures, expectations
and roles of religious education in Post-Primary schools.

“Although it is of course concerned with curriculum it also explores the wider issues
involved in developing a RE policy, including the aims of RE in school, staffing
considerations, Chaplaincy services and the role of parents, management, parish
and Diocesan Advisers.”

Ms Quigley continued, “I am particularly pleased that the content in this document
is the fruit of a dynamic consultation process involving the Association of Management
of Catholic Secondary Schools, the Religion Teachers Association, The Conference of
Religious of Ireland, the National Post-Primary Diocesan Advisers and the National
Catechetical Office.”

“It is my hope that these guidelines will facilitate some or all of the partners
in education (students, parents/guardians, teachers, management, diocesan advisers
and the wider community) to participate in a process of preparing a policy on the
teaching of RE. By working together we will help our young people to develop an
understanding and critical appreciation of the moral, spiritual, religious, social
and cultural values that are part of the Christian vision leading to a maturity of
faith to see God’s presence in the world and the willingness to respond to it,”
concluded Ms Quigley.

10 February 2004

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