Launch of Clogher Diocesan Website

25 Mar 2003


25 MARCH 2003


Most Rev Joseph Duffy, Bishop of Clogher launched the Clogher diocesan website, yesterday,
the Feast of St Macartan, Patron Saint of the Diocese of Clogher.

In his address at the launch of the site Bishop Duffy said: “On an occasion like this a
number of questions occur to people of my generation who find it hard to keep up with
modern technology. Is it worth the effort? If so, how does it improve the quality of life?
In particular, how directly does the idea of a website relate to matters of religious faith,
to faith understood as a personal relationship with Jesus Christ?

The aim of this diocesan website is simply to tell the good news of Jesus Christ to all
who are willing to listen. The challenge is to seek out ways to speak both implicitly
and explicitly of the mysteries of our faith, in a manner suites to the medium and to
the people of the Diocese of Clogher. ……it’s an ambitious project, requiring dedication,
professional training and skill; but it’s also exciting and hope-filled for the future.

What we are doing today then is taking the first step in developing a forum for the Gospel.
In the next month we intend to add a weekly reflection, within the next six months we hope
to provide a dedicated page on the website for those parishes that don’t have their own site.

The website is a work in progress and lends itself to ongoing improvement and updating. In
this way I see it as complementing our pastoral ministry. The important message is that it
belongs to the priests and people of the Diocese.”

The website has the following sections: Welcome, News, Parishes, Ministries and Services,
Bishop Duffy, Cathedral, History, Lough Derg, Comments, Catechism and Links. The site can
be accessed at:

25 March 2003

Further information:

Fr Martin Clarke: 087 220 8044
Ms Brenda Drumm: 087 233 7797