Statement from Bishop Philip Boyce, Bishop of Raphoe

30 Oct 2002

Statement from Bishop Philip Boyce, Bishop of Raphoe (Re: Spotlight Programme)

I can confirm that recently a number of allegations have been received in regard to four other priests in the Diocese, which are now being processed.  I do not have full details in regard to all these allegations at this time – as I have not received all of them directly.  The Gardai have been informed.

One priest is no longer in ministry and the other cases are being examined in the light of information received.  We are endeavouring to seek further information so that all necessary steps can be taken in accordance with Church guidelines.  This is a sensitive process and I am unable to elaborate further at this time.

The Diocese will fully co-operate with the Gardai and other agencies so that the full facts can be established and justice achieved for all involved.

I ask people who were abused, either in this Diocese or elsewhere, to report to the Gardai or Health Board.  If people wish or deem it appropriate to contact me I will endeavour to assist in any way possible.

+Philip Boyce,

Bishop of Raphoe.

30 October 2002