Statement from the Bishop of Cloyne Re. Closure of Irish Fertilizer Industries

21 Oct 2002

Statement from the Bishop of Cloyne Re. Closure of Irish Fertilizer Industries

Our thoughts and our prayers are with the workers and their families who have been made redundant as a result of the decision of the Board of Management of Irish Fertilizer Industries to cease activity in its plants at Cobh, Arklow and Belfast.

For those employed here in the plant in Cobh it is a harsh blow. They and their families are plunged into uncertainty and jeopardy for the future. Many of the workers, having given the youthful years of their working life to the Industry, now find themselves unemployed. The consequent strain on their family life is something, which we, as a Community, must be aware of.

It calls for our total solidarity with all those affected.

It is our prayer that everything be done to ensure that adequate and just redundancy  payment be made to each worker and that the State meet its responsibility in providing  suitable alternative employment so that those workers who have now been displaced may  have secure employment so as to provide for their family needs at present and for the eventualities of the future.

With the closure of IFI in Cobh the whole Community of the Great Island will be affected adversely. It was the last major industry left on the Island. We call on all our Public Representatives to do everything possible to see to it that suitable replacement industry  be introduced into this area so that the Community as a whole may live secure in the knowledge that their children and their children’s children may continue to care for and cherish this most beautiful part of Ireland.

+ John Magee

Bishop of Cloyne.


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