Irish Catholic Bishops mark “Day for Life” 2001

09 Oct 2001

Publication of Letter from Irish Catholic Bishops marking ‘Day for Life’ 2001

9 October 2001

In the Encyclical letter “Evangelium Vitae” (1995), Pope John Paul II proposed that a Day for Life be celebrated each year in every country.

The General Meeting of the Irish Bishops’ Conference held in October 2000 designated the second Sunday of October in 2001, 2002 and 2003 as the “Day for Life” in Ireland. Accordingly, the Day for Life this year will be Sunday 14 October 2001.

Proclaiming the Gospel of Life, a Letter from the Irish Bishops to mark the Day for Life 2001, has now been published and the full text is set out below. The text of this Letter was agreed by the Bishops’ Conference at its General Meeting in Maynooth on 11/13 June 2001.

Proclaiming the Gospel of Life – Full Text


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