Bishop of Galway’s statement re fund-raising calendar

07 Jan 2001

Bishop of Galway’s Statement re fundraising calendar

7 January 2001

The Bishop of Galway, Dr James McLoughlin, today issued the following statement regarding the proposed appearance of one of his priests in a charity fund-raising calendar:

1. Some weeks ago, Fr Olan Rynn, a curate in the Parish of Salthill, spoke to me briefly about his possible appearance
in a charity fund-raising calendar. However, I did not fully appreciate the type of calendar which was envisaged, and
thinking it to be a straightforward fund-raising project in aid of two worthy charities, I gave Fr Rynn permission
to participate in the venture.

2. On reading a report in a local newspaper yesterday (Friday) afternoon, I was surprised and dismayed to discover what the actual content of the calendar was going to be. As it is clearly inappropriate for a priest to appear in such a calendar, I
immediately approached the promoters of the project to discuss the matter with them. They have graciously agreed to withdraw the photograph of Fr Rynn from the calendar.

3. Fr Rynn is a valued priest of the diocese and is in good standing with me as his bishop. However, he accepts that he
made an error of judgement in agreeing to participate in this project, albeit for the best of intentions, and an apology
from him is being read at all Masses in Salthill this weekend. Fr Rynn is at present away on holidays which had been arranged some time ago.


Further Information:
Fr Martin Clarke 087 220 8044
Ms Brenda Drumm 087 233 7797