CURA: Crisis Pregnancy Services

This agency comes under the Episcopal Commission for Pastoral Care

Contact Details

Ms. Louise Graham
National Coordinator
Columba Centre
Co. Kildare
TEL:  01-5053040/1

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About CURA

CURA is a voluntary organisation, which offers support and help to those who are faced with a crisis pregnancy. There are sixteen CURA Centres and three Outreach Centres throughout the country. Centres can be contacted on the local number, or on the national lo-call number. Centres also operate a drop-in service.

CURA was established as a caring service for those for whom their pregnancy is or has become a crisis.


  • Upholds the right of every child to be born and to have his or her right to life recognised and respected
  • Welcomes all who seek its support without judgement or condition
  • Respects the values and beliefs of its clients and their right to self determination
  • Counsellors will listen to and discuss fully any issues raised by a crisis pregnancy
  • Does not give out contact details, directly or indirectly, for abortion clinics

CURA volunteers offer non-directive counselling. They will listen and help you to talk about your feelings, worries and difficulties.

CURA offers services and supports to anyone dealing with an unplanned, crisis pregnancy.

CURA is an agency of the Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference.

All the services of CURA are free and confidential.

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