15 November 2007 | Find the Balance: Dare to Dream

DVD for young people on the theme of alcohol and moderation from the Irish Bishops’ Drug Initiative (5 x separate video clips below)


Dara is living her dream and won’t do anything to jeopardise her job as a helicopter pilot for the Search and Rescue Services:
Richard has found harmony again in life, having seen his dreams of soccer stardom turn to nightmares after an injury that took him off the pitch:
June-Anne knows what it means to be out of control; now uses her experience to help others with addiction problems – a dream she always held dear:
Warren, Fly and GI write gritty and disturbing rap songs, connecting the harsh reality of life to the dreams of their generation:
Aaron balances his passion for rally driving with his own business – staying in control is key to his dream of championship success:
[videoplayer]BALANCE_part_5.flv|GetOnline|find_the_balance_still 5.jpg[/videoplayer]


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