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Down and Connor Faith and Life Convention

Down and Connor Faith and Life Convention

Building upon the success of the Living Church Congress held in September 2013 and arising from the Diocesan Pastoral Plan, the inaugural Faith & Life Convention was held on Saturday 20th September in Our Lady and Saint Patrick’s College, Knock, Belfast. The event was attended by over 600 clergy, religious and parish representatives, young and […]

Homily of Father Robert McCabe for the RTÉ televised Mass celebrating the United Nations Day for Peace

The key phrase of today’s Gospel “you have treated them the same as us” finds an echo in the ears of people who think their hard work has not been valued by an employer – or children whose “that’s not fair” expresses their annoyance that their parent or teacher has favourites. Today’s Gospel image of […]

Deanery changes in Dublin Archdiocese to increase the role of lay people in Diocesan Planning

The Archbishop of Dublin, Diarmuid Martin has adopted significant changes which will greatly enhance the participation of lay people in pastoral planning in the country’s largest Catholic diocese.

Catholic and Church of Ireland bishops meet to discuss contribution of the Churches to society

In the spirit of the recommendation of the International Anglican / Roman Catholic Commission for Unity and Mission, regular meetings of Anglican and Roman Catholic bishops take place in individual countries to discuss issues of common concern.  The third such meeting of Irish bishops took place in Dublin on 11 September last.  Ten bishops were […]

WW1 Diaries on public display for first time for Culture Night

“The roll call of the Munsters on Monday was the saddest thing imaginable. In the field beside St. Mary’s (the little tent chapel the artillery chaps erected for us) the four Companies all sat around on the dry grass. One Company was called at a time. Everybody was worn, sad, depressed after the loss of […]

Statement of Bishop Noel Treanor on the death of Dr Ian Paisley

On learning of the death of the Rev Ian Paisley, Lord Bannside, I wish to express my sympathy first and foremost to his wife Eileen, Baroness Paisley, and her family. Whilst his historic legacy in terms of his interaction with the Catholic community was at times controversial, his contribution to the search for peace and […]

ICPO launches social media awareness campaign: ‘Good to Know Before You Go’

Today the Irish Council for Prisoners Overseas launches a social media awareness campaign entitled: ‘Good to Know Before You Go’. The campaign, which involves a brief video and humorous messages and images on social media, seeks to encourage young Irish emigrants to take care of themselves and each other, while respecting laws and customs when travelling, living and working abroad.

Media Diary Notice: ICPO’s ‘Good to know before you go’ social media campaign for young emigrants

Media diary notice for Friday 12 September 2014 You, or a representative, are invited to attend the photocall and launch for the ‘Good to know before you go’ campaign by the Irish Council for Prisoners Overseas.  This social media awareness campaign is targeted at young Irish emigrants and encourages them to take care of themselves […]

Opening address by Bishop Nulty at Alpha Ireland’s Rebuilt Conference in Maynooth University

“Sometimes we get confused and caught up in the conundrum of volunteer and paid – both are deeply valued; both are highly professional and both speak to the heart of the story of parish in 2014.  Let us never suggest that our volunteers are not exceptionally professional in their approach and their work” – Bishop […]

Meath Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes (12-17 Sept, 2014)

The words of Pope Francis last Monday for the Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary will provide food for prayerful thought as the Meath Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes begins this weekend, according to Bishop Michael Smith. Speaking in advance of the pilgrimage, Bishop Michael Smith referred to the Holy Father’s homily on […]

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